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8m Fan Cake
Like the name suggests, Showcase really does highlight what can now be done with a back garden firework. If you are looking for a stunning finale piece for your display or simply want one firework that everyone will be talking about, then look no further.
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King Cobra 2
Rocket Pack
The best just got better! It’s hard to believe, but we worked with our technicians to improve the effects in the legendary King Cobra Rockets. Now the effects are brighter, more colourful and longer lasting than ever before.
Trade Only Sales!
Candy Flies
8m Fan Cake
Yes, a 30mm 25 shot fan cake for the back garden. Candy Flies is an incredible firework which fills the sky with dazzling silver glitter which gently floats through the air and a gorgeous finale with silver glitter lift mines, amazing!
Trade Only Sales!
75 Shot Cat2
A 75 shot CAT2 firework, really? Yes, really. Your back garden will never have seen anything like this, Bandicoot is an outstanding firework with effects to match. Firing straight up with Red stars and Silver Glitter, Green tip brocades, Gold flitter, red tip brocades with purple and even dragon eggs and all in your back garden.
Trade Only Sales!
24 Shot Cat2
Astounding effects from this 24 shot cake. In fact you will find it hard to believe how good it really is for the money. A brilliant straight firing cake with dragon eggs, blue & red strobes, gold willow and green tip brocade and much more.
Trade Only Sales!

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