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Selection Box
Are you up for defending the Earth against invasion? Watch as the Defender Selection Box launches wave after wave of vivid colours and effects skyward, fighting back the invaders.
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Mardi Gras
136 Shot Single Ignition
Let's party, party, party and be amazed at this fantastic 136 Shot display in a box. Mardi Gras features a massive range of stunning effects and one of the most amazing timing sequences we have ever produced in a firework. Defiantly a must for firework fans.
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Mini Ice Candles
3 Colours
A pack of 3 Coloured Ice Candles, which are perfect for adding a little sparkle to that truly special moment. Each pack contains 3 x 30sec Candles.
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Gold Rush
36 Shot Cat2
Awesome 36 Shot CAT2 Garden Firework with the performance of much bigger fireworks. Firing a stream of stunning Gold Brocade Crown effect, Gold Rush is a superb "must have" firework.
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Dual Shock
Double Break Per Shot Tubes
Hold on to your hat, cause Dual Shock is likely to blow it off! The pack contains a pair of dual tube fireworks, but that's not all, each tube has double breaks! Awesome firework which will blow your mind.
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